New Building Update

Now is the Time to help the Deerfield Community Center Grow!

If you have ever thought about contributing to the New Building Fund at the Deerfield Community Center, Now is the Time!  The big construction bills for our new Center on the Corner of Grand St. and Liberty St. are coming in and the Community is stepping up!

- A local family has offered to match the first $25,000 in contributions made to the "DCC General Building Fund" between now and the end of the year.  
-  Your Deerfield Village Board - heard that we had to take out of the construction budget a covered drop off canopy for our Seniors and stepped up to provide a $10,000 matching fund for residents and businesses that would like to contribute to the "Save the Covered Drop Off Fund."  
Now is the Time to make your contribution to one or both of these matching funds to chip away at the $800,000 building renovation costs.  Forty one years ago - parents in the area came together to establish a Youth Center for their kids after school - who would have thought that spark would have mushroomed into our current Center?  Today we impact 1000's  of individuals in the area every year with the programs highlighted below:

Recreation:  In 2018, 554 youth participated in 6 different sports programs on 55 different Deerfield Teams.  Today, we are in the process of establishing a youth volleyball league for 2019

Deerfield Tournament:  We conducted 6 different weekend basketball or baseball tournaments in 2018 that bring a minimum of 500 participants each week into town to play basketball and shop at our local retail establishments.

Youth Center:  After 41 years, we are still a place for youth to gather, but we have become so much more.  We have before and after school programs that impact 228 elementary school kids in 2018 and growing.  Our Summer Day camp and Sunshine Club grew this year to 139 youth!  These programs are designed to provide safe youth enrichment activities while parents are working.

Senior Center:  Who could have guessed that our beginning as a Youth Center would grow into a thriving Senior Center with programs, activities and meals for our area seniors 3 days a week impacting 70 participants each week?  We are unique in the area providing two meals a week for seniors – most area communities have one, if any. 

Senior Transportation:  We have become the area hub for coordinating senior transportation by matching volunteer drivers with area seniors that need a ride to the doctor or store.  This year we made this match for 350+ seniors in 2018 so far – at no charge

Food Pantry:  We are sure our original founders never envisioned us growing into a critical Food Pantry for Village and Town residents.  Today, the sustenance and nutritional needs of 163 people are met each month from our small 300 sq. ft. food pantry.

Community Activities:  We have become an important resource for popular community activities in the area, including Family Bingo, Easter Bunny Egg hunt, Santa’s Breakfast, Community Garage Sales, Fish Fry Monday, Spaghetti dinner, free community meals and more!

Today, we are taking that next big leap of what our new Community Center can become.  We will have significantly more space for our Seniors, Youth, Food Pantry and Community gatherings and meals.  The spark from 41 years ago is still alive and we could use your help and contributions to Build, Grow, Together.  Send your Contribution payable to the DCC at PO Box 404 Deerfield, WI  With the matching program in place - Now is the Time to Act!
Todd Tatlock
Board Member and Chair of the Capital Campaign Fund

Deerfield Community Center
10 Liberty Street, Suite 130
Deerfield WI 53531
Phone: 608.764.5935
Hours: School Year: 9:00 - 5:00 and Summer: 8:00 - 3:00



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